Krzysztof Kessler is a 21-year-old music producer, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer based in London, UK. The music he creates combines pop, rock and electronic elements. He is strongly influenced by bands like Linkin Park & Imagine Dragons as well as artists like Ed Sheeran or Mike Shinoda. His stage name ‘Edge of the Possibility’ represents unlimited possibilities for composing and writing music. Krzysztof also has synesthesia – whilst listening to the sound, he can see shapes and colours which expands his listening and composing experience. 

He released his first pop single Games in 2018 and his second single Break The Chains featuring Ella Eliza in 2019.

Although he is releasing his own material, Krzysztof is mainly working as a producer and recording & mixing engineer with other artists. He has collaborated with artists like Magda Bereda on her song W Niepewności, Reya Jayne, mixing her song Homeless, Ella Eliza mixing a remix of her song Sinner and Saint and more… You can check out his other collaborations on his EOTP Collaborations playlist, and on his website

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