Full song production

  • Demo pre-production of your song
  • Full instrumental production based on your own demo sessions / lyrics / reference tracks
  • Studio Engineering
  • Vocal production
  • Audio Post-Production

By the end of the production stage, if you would like your song to be mixed by someone else, you will receive a rough mix tailored to your liking (please, be aware, that it will not be the final mix) and full multitrack session of raw, unmixed tracks for your mixing engineer.

If you decide for the song to be mixed by myself, please see the following:

Mixing service details (£120 option)

Mastering service details

PRICE: £170/track

Once you’re ready to start working on your song, feel free to contact me to arrange the first session. Please include brief description of your project, and your email address.

For any additional information, feel free to contact me here, or through my facebook page.