I will engineer your session in the studio of your choice (London based studios only).

The studio hire costs must be paid by the artist.

What will we do?

We will record all kinds of instruments. From drums, percussion, guitars, piano, to synths, strings, etc.

We will also choose the best microphone for your vocal and do the whole vocal production.

I am going to record through EQ and compressors when appropirate.

Lastly, we’ll pick the best takes to assemble the final multitrack.


You will receive the final multitrack either as:

a Pro Tools / Logic Pro session


a folder with all multitracks bounced out as 32bit WAV files, labaled and numbered. 


You will receive the multitrack by the end of the studio session, unless you would like me to do additional post-production. In that case, I am going to take the session to my studio, work on it on my own and send it back once all multitracks have been edited and prepared for mixing.