• .WAV – Streaming Master
  • .WAV – CD Master
  • .WAV – Video Distribution Master
  • .MP3 320kbps
  • DDPi format (additional £25)

Instrumental and backing track masters will be delivered only if you provide me with the instrumental and backing track version of the mix. They will be of the same resolution as the streaming master. 

DDP image will only be created if requested and will be charged additional £25 on top of the mastering fee. DDP images are files used for burning out physical CDs (one format can contain all songs from an EP / Album).

Stereo / Stem Master

Stereo mastering is done to a stereo mix as its source. It can limit the possibilities to potentially re-shape the track. For example, if you need to increase the level of the drums, stereo mastering would also increase the level of every other element of the mix. The same rule applies to equalization, compression and all creative effects you might want to implement.

With stem mastering, all of these elements are accessible separately, so you can increase just the level of drums without changing the balance of other elements. It allows an engineer to process a single element of a song in isolation. Stem mastering can be as simple as having two stems (example: vocals and instrumental) or multiple stems (example: drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals) allowing more flexibility and control.

Stem mastering allows an engineer to fix a problem that can occur in one element of the mix, without processing other elements. The engineer may not change every single stem, but the process gives them the option to do so if necessary.


3 revisions are included within the price (This does not include new mixes).

Further revisions = £20/h

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time generally depend on the amount of songs and whether you need stereo or stem mastering. It will extend if you hire me to master an EP or an Album.

Usually, I send the first pass of the master within a day. After I receive all files for the project and examine them, I am able to give better estimated turnaround time specifically for your song / EP / Album.