• 24bit .WAV – Streaming Master
  • 16bit .WAV – CD Master
  • 24bit .WAV – Video Master
  • 24bit .WAV – Instrumental & Backing Track Masters*
  • MP3 320kbps
  • DDP image*

* Instrumental and backing track masters will be delivered only if you provide us with the instrumental and backing track version of the mix. They will be of the same resolution as the streaming master. 

** DDP image for physical CD distribution will only be delivered if you provide us with the following metadata:
– official title of the song / songs
– official title of the EP / LP / Album
– legal names of all songwriters (specified for each song)
– ISRC codes for each song

– UPC / EAN (if applicable)

Online Mixing + Mastering

Since we do not offer attended sessions at this time, our mixing and mastering services happen online. You would be asked to deliver the multitrack without any processing (unless it is an integral part of a sound). We would ask you to organise your multitrack by clearly labeling each track, exporting them from the same start point, at the same sample rate and bit rate. You can name your files in the way presented below:
1. Kick in
2. Kick out
3. Snare top
4. Snare bottom
5. Overhead L
6. Overhead R
7. Bass DI
8. Bass AMP
9. Guitar (mic model 1)
10. Guitar (mic model 2)
11. Piano
12. Synth 1
13. Synth 2
14. Lead Vocal
15. Double Vocal
16. Backing vocal

Please note, that his is just an example. You are welcome to name the tracks the way you like, but you must be consistent and make sure that the files are well organised, without and glitches, unwanted artifacts, etc.

Once we receive your files, examine them and confirm that they are ready for the mixing service, you will receive an invoice which must be paid upfront, before we start any work. Once we reveive the payment, our engineer will start mixing and mastering.

You will be able to listen to the mix and master (as well as all revisions – should you need them) on a password protected link on our website. You will be the only one with the access to it. The link will contain an audio player with a WAV file so that you can listen and examine if you’re happy with the final version. Should you need any revisions, these will aslo be uploaded to the same link so that you can easily compare all versions. Once you’re happy with the final version, we will export all applicable files and deliver them to you via email.


2 revisions are included within the price – minor tweeks to the balance of each element of the mix, adjustments to the effects used in the mix, and adjustments to the mastering chain (final level / compression / stereo width).

Further revisions = £20/h

Please note, that once the final version of a mix and master is accepted, the remaining free revisions will be lost. If you used only 1 out of 2 revisions included within the price, accepted the mix and master and came back after a month or longer to do another changes, these changes will be charged £20/h.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time generally depend on the amount of songs and how large the multitrack is. It will extend if you hire us to mix and master an EP or an Album.

Usually, we send the first pass of the mix and master within 2 – 3 days. After we receive all files for the project and examine them, we are able to give better estimated turnaround time specifically for your song / EP / Album.