Transparent Mix (Pro)


Please note that this package contains the basic set of presets from “Transparent Mix (Basic)” package. Please do not buy both Basic and Pro package as there are no returns and refunds.



This package contains my original presets for the following plugins*:

– FabFilter ProQ3
– FabFilter ProC2
– FabFilter ProMB
– FabFilter ProL2

These presets will help you get clearer, bigger, and more transparent mixes than ever before! From drum equalisation, through guitar and vocal multi-band compression, to synth compression, mix bus processing, and more!

*Please note that this package does not contain any plugin installers or their licences. These are just presets that you can load inside FabFilter ProQ3, ProC2, ProMB & ProL2. You can purchase the FabFilter plugins directly form


In this package you will find the TOTAL OF 75 PRESETS for:

– EQ, Compression and Limiting for drums, guitars, bass, keys, synths, strings, and vocals.
– Detailed frequency correction, dynamic equalisation & multi-band compression.
– Bus EQ, Compression and Limiting.

EXTRAS: If you purchase this package, on your email you will receive 10% discount coupon from me, that can be used on any plug-in or bundle in FabFilter online store.


Full song: “Biggest Mistake” by Bexx
Produced by Louis Takooree
Mixed and mastered by Krzysztof Kessler
Availabie at:

*Please listen to these audio examples on studio monitor or headphones. Laptop / phone speakers won’t do the job 😉

Drums Before:


Drums After:


Bass Before:


Bass After:


Guitars Before:


Guitars After:


Lead Vocal Before:


Lead Vocal After:


Backing Vocals Before:


Backing Vocals After:


Please note that this product does not qualify for a return & refund. These are digital files that have been tested on different operating systems and inside different Digital Audio Workstations, and cannot be returned once downloaded, due to the fact that it is impossible for me to confirm whether or not the files have been removed from your computer.