§1 The multitrack that you provide must be ready for mixing (or editing if you choose additional post production service).

§2 If your DAW has a NORMALISE option for bouncing, please make sure to turn if OFF. Also, please make sure that your tracks are not clipping before you bounce them out.

§3 All tracks must be clearly labelled and numbered in the following scheme:

  1. Kick in
  2. Kick out
  3. Snare top
  4. Snare bottom
  5. OH
  6. Room
  7. Bass DI
  8. Bass AMP
  9. Guitar (mic model 1)
  10. Guitar (mic model 2)
  11. Piano
  12. Synth 1
  13. Synth 2
  14. Lead Vocal
  15. Double Vocal
  16. Backing vocal

Please note that this is just an example. You can name your tracks the way you like, but please be consistent, make it look clean and label the tracks with numbers as presented above.

§4 Tracks can be mono or stereo.

§5 You must consolidate your session into individual files from the start point of your song, including at least 1 bar of silence before the actual beginning of the song.

§6 Please make sure that all of your files are correct before uploading. If you have midi instruments please bounce them as audio – I do not accept midi files.

§7 Ideally the multitrack should not contain effects such as reverb or delay, unless these effects are integral part of the sound (example: guitar pedal fx, creative use of distortion on a synth, etc).

§8 For mastering, the mix or mixed stems that you provide me with must not be clipping!

§9 I accept the multitrack as .WAV or .AIFF files at either 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz or 96 KHz (24bit or 32bit). You must ensure that all of your tracks are of the same file type, bit rate and sample rate, and that they are included in the folder, which name consist your artist name, song title, song tempo (BPM), and the date of the upload.

§10 Your multitrack should be uploaded via WeTransfer. I do not accept Google Drive or Dropbox links.

§11 Feel free to include any mix requests that you have, and include a rough mix (if you have one) as a reference (Rough mix does not effect your track count).

§12 Mix revision notes should be sent to me within maximum of 48 hours of receiving the mix / master.

§13 Extra post production services, such as editing & quantisation are only available if your track was recorded to a click track at the correct tempo of the song.

§14 Please be aware that any editing, quantisation or tuning can only be done to certain extent. Excessive use may cause audible artifacts. My offer doesn’t include „fixing” of the performances, but overall enhancements that suits the song. In addition, large amounts of editing might lead to longer turnaround times.

§15.1 For mixing and mastering services, full payment must be made upfront. You will be able to hear the final mix / master & all revisions on a private link with an audio player accessing the lossless, full resolution WAV File with the possibility to download it. Mixing and mastering services include a set of 3 revisions free of charge. Any further revisions will cost £20phr (1h of work minimum). You will receive an invoice with a confirmation of payment after I receive the transfer. Payment is excepted via Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal. You will receive all applicable files (details in §16) after the final mix and / or master is accepted.

§15.2 For production service, payment must be made upfront, before I start any work. Throughout the process, you will be receiving downloadable .WAV bounces of the track in progress, and after the final multitrack has been accepted, you will receive a .zip folder with all multitracks named and numbered & my rough mix / balance bounce.

§15.3 Any additional costs (where applicable), such as studio hire, transport or travel costs, must be covered by the artist.

§16 If you only apply for mixing service, you will receive .WAV files of full mix , instrumental mix and backing track mix. If you apply for mixing and mastering, or just mastering service, you will receive the final masters for Streaming (.WAV 24bit44.1 KHz or the native sample rate that the mix was delivered at), for CD (.WAV 44.1 KHz 16bit), for Video Distribution (48 KHz 24bit), and if provided with this type of mix file, a master for Instrumental and Backing Track (both .WAV 24bit44.1 KHz or at native sample rate that the mix was delivered at).

§17 I do not give mixed stems (mixed group of instruments) to assemble the mix from, because of multiple shared effects, parallel compression and complex mix bus processing. If you would like to receive a custom set of stems for LIVE performances or custom backing track, apart from the one that I will provide you with, please contact me and I’ll make these for you.

§18 I do my best to keep mix and mastering sessions and all associated files on external hard drives after the final files have been delivered, however, sessions might get deleted or the session files might get corrupted, therefore, it is your responsibility to back up your mixes / master files. Once these files have been delivered and paid for, I do not take any responsibility: if you loose them; if the hard drive with backup sessions breaks; if the session file gets corrupted and won’t be openable anymore.

§19 I declare that I will not share any of your sessions, audio files, mixes, masters, and any of your personal information or payment details with anyone.

§20 I declare that in the future, if I would like to use a production / mix / mastering session of your song for educational purposes, I will contact you to ask for your permission (this would only mean showing the content of the session to the potential audience. I am not going to physically share any of your files unless you specifically ask me to do so).

§21 By applying for my services, you agree to include the appropriate credit in relation to any CD or other record that I have engineered, edited, produced, mixed, or mastered, using the following scheme:
Engineering / Editing / Production / Mixing / Mastering
: (choose the applicable)
Krzysztof Kessler


Such credit shall be included in a suitable place in the inner sleeve liner notes of the CD or record and shall be in the same size, typeface and font as any other similar information included in such liner notes.

§22 If you apply for my production services, which would include programming and performing on your track (any kind of instrument or backing vocal), I shall retain all the standard PPL and performance royalty agreements where applicable.

§23 By applying for my services, you give me the right to use your song which I produced / mixed / mastered as an example of my work to other clients. This includes uploading it to my website (once the song / EP / Album is released) www.eotpmusic.com under the “Featured Artists” panel into my own built-in audio player. This audio player will not include a download option. A post with your song on my website will include all appropriate credits, as well as links to your social media.

§24 Returns and refunds are not applicable.