Are you looking for a producer & audio engineer to make a song from start to finish? From the very basic demo to the final master that you will upload to the streaming platforms and submit to radio?

I would be happy to go through the production, studio sessions, editing, mixing up to mastering with you in order to create a song that sounds exactly the way you imagined and can compete with other professional tracks out there!


PRICE: £400

Price is negotiable and depends on the size of the project.


  • FINAL DELIVERY: WAV FILES of Streaming Master, CD Master, Radio Master + Instrumental & Backing Track & MP3 of your song.
  • INTERACTION WITH THE PRODUCER / ENGINEER: To ensure that your feedback taken into account, and that your vision is the number one priority!
  • TURNAROUND TIME: Depends on the size of the project, potential additional costs, genre – however while hiring me for a ALL-IN-ONE service – your song will be my main priority in order to deliver the final product as soon as possible.

If you’re ready to start working on your song, or have any additional questions, feel free to:

Or send me an email on: