INSTRUMENTAL PRODUCTION: Based on your own demo / reference tracks. Production will include programmed material, live instruments, or both – depending on your preferences.

VOCAL PRODUCTION: Focused around your voice. Recording lead vocal, backing vocals, creating vocal effects, etc.

STUDIO ENGINEERING: If you would like to record live instruments or a choir that requires a bigger studio set up – we will go to the studio of your choice (or my recommendation).
Potential costs of studio hire is not included in my fee!

AUDIO POST-PRODUCTION: After we finish all recording sessions I am going to go through editing stage to make sure that your tracks do not contain any unwanted noise, headphone spills, multi-miced recordings are time and phase aligned, and that the overall final quality of the multitrack is suitable for mixing.

PRICE: £100-£170

Price is negotiable and depends on the size of the project – you will receive exact details and cost once we establish what your expectations are.

By the end of the production stage, if you would like your song to be mixed by someone else, you will receive a rough mix tailored to your liking (please, be aware, that it will not be the final mix) and full multitrack session of raw, unmixed tracks for your mixing engineer.

If you decide to hire me for mixing, please see the following:

Mixing service details (£120 option)

Mastering service details

If you’re ready to start working on your song, or have any additional questions, feel free to:

Or send me an email on: