• Production based on your own demo.
  • Programming of drums, synths, etc.
  • Studio engineering: recording acoustic instruments like drums, guitars, piano, etc.
  • Vocal production.
  • Audio post-production: click HERE for more info.
  • PRO TOOLS or LOGIC PRO session with clearly labeled multitrack, ready for mixing.
  • My rough mix: General balance of each element of the mix as well as the use of reverb and delays, based on your feedback and vision for the mixing engineer to follow (Please be aware – this will not be the final mix! If you would like me to mix, or mix and master your song, please check my ALL IN ONE offer)

Price is negotiable and depends on the size of the project – you will receive exact details and cost once we establish what your expectations are.

If you’re ready to start working on your song, submit a contact form with all relevant information!