Krzysztof Kessler

I am a London-based freelance audio engineer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist with over 10 years of experience! I work with a range of up-and-coming artists recording, producing, mixing or mastering music across many different genres.

Songs I’ve mixed and mastered have been featured on Spotify Release Radar & On Repeat playlists, used on viral TikTok videos with millions of views to date and have received airplays from BBC Introducing in London & Midlands as well as other national radio stations across Europe. I’ve also had the pleasure to work with artists signed to Universal Music Poland.

I have experience in recording vocals, drums, guitars, bands, orchestral instruments, and voice-overs. I have also spent thousands of hours on programming, editing, vocal tuning, quantisation and phase alignment, as well as mixing and mastering, which I offer as my primary services.

While mixing and mastering, I always make sure that the artist’s and the producer’s vision is my top priority, in order to achieve the best quality possible. I always give detailed feedback to the production, as well as the revision notes, to make sure that the product you receive is exactly what you wanted and that it stands along other professional tracks out there.

You can check out the music I worked on either on my Spotify Portfolio Playlist, or on