• Multitrack folder (24bit .WAV files)
  • Logic Pro Session (if requested)
  • Pro Tools Session (if requested)

External Studio Hire

  • We provide our music production services remotely. However, We are open to hire an external facilities and provide studio engineering services.
  • Hire costs of any external studios must be covered by the client.

Studio engineering & Music production

  • Arrangement of the track based on your demo or reference tracks.
  • Refinement of your own production.
  • Full vocal production either on site, in the external studio or guided remote sessions.
  • Instrumental production package includes: live acoustic and electric guitars, live bass guitar, keys & piano (Roland Stage Piano, Keyscape, Arturia), synths (Arturia, Native Instruments, Plugin-Alliance, Slate Digital), drums (Superior Drummer, Native Instruments, electronic & live samples), percussion.

    You can also bring your own instruments. For larger instruments such as Cellos, Live Drum Kit, etc – additional studio must be hired. Please let us know if you would like to record any specific instrument that requires a larger studio facilties and we will arrange them.
    – Playlist comping
    – Vocal tuning
    – Drums quantisation
    – Phase alignment
    – De-noising & de-clipping
    – Printing of creative effect

By the end, you will receive a folder that includes produced and edited (but unmixed) stems of individual elements of the production as well as our rough mix that contains the rough balance, effects and tone tailored to your taste.

Should you also need mixing and mastering service, check out our offer.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on the project size. It will extend if you hire us to work on multiple songs.

After we receive all of the information in regards to your project, we will be able to give better estimated turnaround time.