Do you have a song that you would like to record and need an engineer to help you get the right sound and tones in the studio?

We will go to the studio of your choice (or my recommendation) and record all sorts of instruments or vocal parts that you need! From drums, percussion, guitars, piano, synthesisers, up to strings, choir and most importantly – the vocals!

PLAYLIST COMPING: In the end, we will choose the best takes of each instrument & vocal to make sure you are happy with the final multitrack.

DELIVERY: You will receive the multitrack as either a Pro Tools / Logic session or a folder of 44,1 KHz – 24bit audio files (or upfront specified sample rate of your choice).

PRICE: £10/h

If you’re ready to start working on your song, or have any additional questions, feel free to:

Or send me an email on: