If you need a professional mix of your track, feel free to contact me at eotpcontact@gmail.com – please label the email title with „Mixing Service – Your Name”. I’ll be happy to answer any questions as well.
I accept Logic Pro / Pro Tools sessions or a folder with multitracks, named with the following format – “artist name – song title – song tempo”.

Up to 24 tracks – £80
Up to 48 tracks – £100
Up to 72 tracks – £150
Up to 100 tracks – £200
Up to 150 tracks – £250

Prices may change if you have multi-miced recordings which were not time-aligned by an engineer prior to mixing!


Up to 12 mic-recording – £30
Over 12 mic-recording – £40


Vocal tuning – £30


Stems mastering – £70
Stereo bounce mastering – £50


If you need a producer to help you with the arrangement of your song, sound engineering or building the track from scratch feel free to contact me! I would love to work on your song, starting from a simple talk about the details, arrangement, or structure, ending with recording the song.

I specify mostly in Rock / Pop / Alternative Rock / Acoustic /. I do NOT work on EDM / Trap / Country etc…

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at eotpcontact@gmail.com – please label the email title with „Production Service – Your Name”

£150 / £1000 per Song

* Price depends on the complexity of production *